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We take the work at your desk
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In working with accounting firms we are looking to add value to our accounting firm clients so that the work can be completed in the best time and for a price well below that of an accountant using their own staff so that

- Our accounting firm clients don't have to take on costs and overheads with in-house bookkeeping staff
- That the work is finished quickly with a hard working outsourced team
- That our accounting firm clients can profit well from having the accounts completed at a competitive rate, while on charging at their normal fee rates or using the competitive advantage we give then to gain more clients

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd has contracts with small to large accounting firms. These clients ask us to usually complete all bookkeeping services for them from the simple to complex, as well as provide bookkeeping and monitoring services for their clients who are on Xero.

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd have accountants sending us the data for their small clients to be completed usually on MYOB 7 or similar package as their clients are reporting on a cash basis. These accounts are processed as we receive data, usually in the form of bank statements, sometimes cash receipts and other information. Our bookkeepers keep file notes on how the accountant wants the accounts completed and after any inquiries about transactions our bookkeepers may not be familiar with (new creditor or drawing?) the accounts are finished.

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd are asked by the accountant to catch up and clean up clients work when they have fallen behind and there are issues that require speed. We will either work with an established data file (MYOB, QuickBooks etc.) or rebuild a file when it’s clear that the file is too messy rewrite the accounts in a new file.

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd work on complex files where there may be payroll, inventory, debtors and creditors to process or help reconcile. Typically these type of clients of our account firm have their own in-house bookkeepers for day to day work, but periodically need accounts completed for reporting or analysis.

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd monitors on line accounting programs. We have considerable experience with Xero which requires regular "clean-out" of suspense accounts and monitoring.

With our clients we offer open and closed services.

Some accounting firms don't want to expose who their back office is and we work through the accounting firm to complete work. All communication is with the appropriate manager or operator in that firm and we pose all queries or request for information through the contacts in the firm only. In this way we bill the accounting firm who then marks up our costs.

Some accounting firms like us to deal with the clients. Again our team can deal directly with the client (always representing the accounting firm) and have missing documents sent or queries answered directly. Again we can bill the accounting firm directly who then marks up our invoice as they wish.

We like to see our accounting clients take a clear 100% mark-up from our work, so that they can see the immediate profit from outsourcing.

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