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PHD Students

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd is well aware of the time, effort and energy that goes into completing a PHD. It's often many years of toil and investigation, interview on interview, writing and rewriting to come up with new knowledge in the field that you have chosen to work in.

So we have a particular understanding of what you face.

If your PHD requires you to complete many hours of interviews and have then transcribed then we can offer a service that is affordable and can give you relief from all the typing many more hours than the recording. We would like to hear from you and discuss your project and what are your requirements.

We appreciate that many PHD students are interviewing people whose first language may not be English or that the subject could be rather technical. We would like to hear about your project and discuss with you how we would help at a very affordable rate have the transcribing completed.

As much as possible, we could keep the same team member on your case, as they learn technical aspects of your PHD or understand accents and other important Indio centricities that are important to your project. Contact us - we may take considerable and unnecessary work from you and give you back valuable time.

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