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Why Front Desk Asia Pacific solves your outsourcing needs

We have in the past experienced and observed the difficulties Small and Medium enterprises have found in getting outsourced contractors to complete work involving either a job that require routine or are complex. The issues in confirming the skills of the contractor and then working through communication and cultural let alone time zone problems see many businesses no matter how small, missing out on the possibility of being able to take advantage of the thousands of skilled people in other parts of the world who can work competitively for them. What may appear to be a cheap contactor ends in incomplete work, miss understandings and costly lost time.

Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd can either use our established teams to complete your work, or develop a team to complete your work if your request is new to us. The list of tasks that can be completed by outsourcing is endless and while our company is developing teams in a number of countries to offer business services in the first instance, we are able to use our established networks to find further skilled people to join those teams to complete your required work. Our key is to understand what our clients want.

It may not be complex. It could be to bring small businesses accounts up to date every quarter and on time. It could be managing on-line accounting so that the accounts are accurate (profit and loss as well as balance sheet position) or there may be market jobs that need to be completed.

Often there are in-house processes that need to be understood. We will often work with clients taking on aspects of their work in the development phase so that our teams will meet all the criteria outlined by our clients. We have the resources and experience to take this journey with our clients to understand what is needed and move forward. We have representatives currently in New Zealand and Australia who are able to access the needs of the clients from direct meetings and begin a program of outsourcing through Front Desk Asia Pacific Ltd.

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